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In these energizing, interactive and customized keynotes, trainings and webinars, Nancy Noonan helps leaders, businesses, associations, academic institutions and government agencies develop masterful networking skills to:

  • Strengthen collaboration and resource sharing
  • Maximize conference/convention attendance
  • Bring in more business
  • Improve ROI and the bottom line
  • Increase engagement, internal alignment
    and inclusion
  • Reduce turnover
  • Spark innovation and creativity
  • Capture expertise of retiring personnel
  • Lead more effectively

Strategic Networking is considered to be one of the top competencies in the work world today:

The Harvard Business Review reports, "Strategic networking to help uncover and capitalize on new opportunities for the company puts the tools of networking in the service of business goals."

"Skilled Networkers have access to people, information and resources to help solve problems and create opportunities."

Center for Creative Leadership

The Art of Masterful Networking uses the unique skill-building approach, the 8 Networking Competencies, to help you:

  • Learn the 3 Key Moments that happen every time people meet each other
  • Answer “What do you do?” so that you make an impression without boasting
  • Teach people how to use your expertise and what to count on you for
  • Know what to do and say to advance through the 6 stages of trust building in any relationship
  • Be strategic in your networking
  • Steer small talk to uncover resources and opportunities
  • Analyze & select networking arenas to reflect your goals
  • Develop and nurture referrals
  • Create opportunities for follow-up
  • Find collaborators and build partnerships
  • Make conversations flow
  • Easily join groups of people who are already talking
  • Develop a "big picture" network that sends you timely information
  • Uncork bureaucratic bottlenecks and silos
  • Gather business intelligence on which to base decisions

Nancy partners with Contacts Count, the premier networking and research organization of 20+ years, for the robust Networking arm of The Art of Mastery.

Thank you, Nancy, for delivering a unique and inspiring closing session at our national conference. Your messaged combined just the right amount of wit and wisdom . . . with tools for our members to become more effective.
—Celeste Shelton, Executive Director, National Association of Credit Union Supervisory and Auditing Committees

Nancy Noonan returned for the 2nd time to keynote for our annual conference with ‘The Art of Masterful Networking.’ Once again, she did not disappoint. There were many positive and enthusiastic responses from our attendees, including ‘This presentation was amazing!’ and ‘Wonderful ideas on how to better relate to patients and parents’ and ‘Very useful and timely.’ I recommend Nancy to any organization as a relevant, inspirational and motivational Keynote speaker.
—Brian J. Calkins, Program Director, The Florida Association of Pediatric Tumor Programs, Inc.

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In the workplace and economy today, mediocrity can't be afforded. Excellence is a requirement. —Nancy Noonan


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You made them think, you made them laugh. And you made me look great! You're an association executive's dream speaker to work with. —ASAE /CO Exec. Dir., Joan Tezak

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